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Craven County Veteran's Council, composed of various veterans organizations operating within Craven County, North Carolina.


  1. To encourage and promote patriotic activities throughout Craven County.
  2. To provide a forum for the identification and discussion of issues or actions that impact veterans and their families.
  3. To promote unified action amongst member organization for mutual benefits.
  4. To unify the veterans’ organizations in Craven County, thereby providing solidarity in communications to the veterans.
  5. To provide a forum for viewpoint and a means for disseminating information on issues before local, state, and national legislative bodies which affect veterans, their families and surviving spouses.
  6. To aid and support the Craven County Veterans Service Officer and his/her staff in the performance of their duties.
  7. To make recommendations to the City Aldermen and County Commissioners on a continuing and up-to-date basis regarding personnel and their duties and qualifications of the Craven County Veterans Support Officer.
  8. To support the activities, programs and projects of New Bern National Cemetery.

What is the Craven County Veteran's Council?


Monthly Meetings are held:
7:00PM (1900 hours)
2nd Monday of the month
Dixon-Conderman VFW Post 2415, 3850 Butler Rd located off Old Cherry Point Rd in James City, NC


All members of this Council whether regular, alternate or auxiliary members, must be veterans of the United States Armed Forces and be a member of a legitimate veterans organization registered in Craven County, North Carolina